Cambridge drawn at home in FA Cup third round!

The FA Cup draw has fallen in favor of Newcastle United this time. It will take place for this third round, at St. James' park. Certainly the date is not yet defined, but it is very convenient for Newcastle which has suffered several defeats. But luckily, they have an opportunity to prove their abilities in this third round in Cambridge. Let's find out how the draw went.

Newcastle's chance at the FA Cup at St James' Park

Before deserving the passage to the third round, Cambridge had to beat Exeter City at 2-1 last Saturday while Newcastle had already been eliminated by Burnley from the Carabao Cup. The most comprehensive information about the Newcastle United draw can be found at . It was a penalty shootout. Fans should remember that it is two years since Newcastle went to the quarter-finals in competitive cups. This third round at St James' is a bit like the chance Newcastle were given against Cambridge to get out of it.

Newcastle United's quarterfinal losses

First, the elimination had begun at the stadium in the FA Cup, by Arsenal. And it was thanks to extra time that the Gunners qualified for the fourth round. However, the report of the last season of the competition shows that Newcastle had reached the quarter-finals but were unfortunately beaten by Manchester City with a score of 2 to 0 in favor of Manchester of course at St James' Park. Another of the defeats was 1 to 0 for the quarterfinal in the past competition in Carabao. This was once again against Newcastle United. It is therefore understandable the enthusiasm to participate with honor in the fourth round to play for the first match of the competition of the cup of Eddie How. Eddie Howe who will be the manager of Newcastle in this challenge.