Discovering Quintana Roo

You are a visitor, you like to visit tourist and natural places, but do you know Quintana Roo? Have you ever heard of it? In short, it is a beautiful region that you will love, so in this article we will try to give you more information about it.

What you need to know about Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo is a harmonious region of Mexico lined with mangroves and charming white sand beaches. To solve and improve some things, Tourist tax Mexico was created. This implies that to spend your stay in this Mexican region, you have to pay certain taxes, and don't ignore it, because it has its advantages. In the Sian Ka'an National Marine Park, there is a jewel that represents the most beautiful coral bottom in the Caribbean. The area has huge hotel establishments, bungalows and other towns and beaches that attract a large clientele from all over the world. Playa del Carmen is one of the most charitable beaches in the Riviera Maya, so you won't lose anything emotionally, economically or otherwise by visiting this harmonious place.

Some important towns to know

In fact, there are many towns in the Quintana region that receive a large number of visitors to the area each year. Speaking of the city of Cancun, it is on the edge of a beautiful white sand beach and turquoise sea. Thanks to its tourist beauty, it attracts many visitors who come to enjoy themselves. Next, let's talk about the city of Merida. It is the first city of Yucatàn. Apart from that, it is the most interesting city in terms of history and culture. It has the sisal or hennequen culture and other Mexican cultures. Let's present the city of Playa del Carmen. It is a young city compared to Cancun, but it has become an essential place for parties in the region, as it has the Fifth Avenue, which is full of restaurants, brand name clothing shops, etc. In addition to this, there are many other cities that make the Quintana Roo region beautiful.