Glossary - noun, plural glos·sa·ries. a list of terms in a special subject, field, or area of usage, with accompanying definitions. such a list at the back of a book, explaining or defining difficult or unusual words and expressions used in the text.. :a list that gives definitions of the hard or unusual words found in a book: a dictionary of the special terms in a particular field or job See the full definition for glossary in. a list of terms in a special subject, field, or area of usage, with accompanying definitions..

a list of difficult, technical, or foreign terms with definitions or translations, as for some particular author, field of knowledge, etc., often included in alphabetical listing at the end of a textbook. The Glossary is creative director Matthew Freidell and producers Allie and Jeremy Dunning. We create motion content for film, television, commercial, and publishing clients.. The orthography of his glossary differs considerably from the orthography of his text. It is given in the Glossary as one of the old names for the moon..

This glossary provides a general reference for frequently used medical terms that may be helpful to you when searching our site.. Apply for & enroll in 2019 coverage today. Beat the December 15, 2018 deadline to enroll in health coverage that starts January 1, 2019. Apply now.. National Weather Service Glossary This glossary contains information on more than 2000 terms, phrases and abbreviations used by the NWS. Many of these terms and abbreviations are used by NWS forecasters to communicate between each other and have been in use for many years and before many NWS products were directly available to the public..

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