How to become a private taxi driver?

To become a private taxi driver there are certain essential criteria that you must meet. The first is to have a driver's license. Then, you must have certain documents essential to the practice of this profession. Following this article, you will learn more about these document.

What are the prerequisites for working as a taxi driver?

Before practicing the profession of taxi driver you need to have certain skills. If you wish to exercise this profession certain conditions will be imposed on you. In fact, you will need to hold a valid category B driving license. In addition, you must have held this license for at least 3 years or 2 years in accompanied driving. Then, it is imperative that you hold the approval of a qualified doctor stating that you are suitable for this profession. 

You must also have a first aid or PSC1 certificate valid for at least 2 years. Finally, you will need to have a criminal record free from convictions that would be incompatible with the practice of the profession. 

If you investigate this site, more information will be available about the topic. These are all conditions that give entitlement to the exercise of this profession. In addition to these various conditions, there is also the presence of another equally important element. 

The obligation to hold a professional card

The VTC card is compulsory to exercise the profession of professional taxi driver. To obtain it, you must have a favorable result in the examination of the certificate of professional competence. It is an examination which is regularly organized by the competent authority. Registration for the test is done using a form that is available at the prefecture and online. 

In order to better approach this test, it is recommended to follow a taxi training. It is only after successful completion of the aptitude test that the application for a professional card can be made. It will be delivered to you within 3 months of the request being made. 

Also, remember that the professional card is attached to the area where the exam takes place, indicating the service offered by the driver. Drivers will have to undergo continuous training every 5 years.