How to find a lost indoor cat ?

Having a cat in your flat is becoming more and more popular. However, it can happen that your indoor cat disappears due to a slight lack of attention or something else. The search is often difficult, especially when you don't know how to proceed. What should you do? We tell you everything.

Searching in the neighbourhood or using a wanted poster

Indoor cats are usually a bit adventurous and their disappearance is not always obvious. Once, i was reading this to find out what to do to find the lost pet. After you have searched the whole house and are sure that it is not in a corner of the house, you could now look around the house. 

You can start by going around the flat and calling out to him as you usually do. Also look in the garden or garage if there are any. Also, ask neighbours or passers-by if they have seen him. Your kitty may be nearby! 

If all of this fails and you are still having trouble getting him back, then consider putting out an APB. You can print out photo posters of your cat and stick them up everywhere. Don't forget to mention its specific features: colours (if the poster is black and white), collar, and possibly tattoo. 

Report to specialists or use social networks

If after all this your pet is still missing, you could ask a veterinary service for help. They may have taken him in. Shelters or other animal centres may also have seen your pet. If your cat is microchipped, report this to a specialist institution so that they can trace and recover it. This is much easier. Social networks are also a great asset. Postings of your cat in lost pet groups are quite possible. 

Finally, to find your indoor cat, consider searching the area around your home first, using wanted posters, consulting specialists or using social networks.