Influencer marketing: What to know about it?

In order to increase the transparency of a brand and to attract new prospects, some companies such as the tourism and hotel industry resort to influencer marketing, considered an effective strategy to promote their services or products. Find out in this article what influencer marketing is, how it works and what are its benefits.

Influencer marketing: definition and functioning

Also called influencer marketing or influencer marketing, influencer marketing is a tactic that allows an entity to promote its product or service. Many companies are turning to this strategy. For more information, visit These companies are mainly in the travel and hospitality industry.  
Influencer marketing is based on a kind of partnership between two or more influencers and the brand to be promoted. This partnership can be punctual or extend over a longer period, with or without remuneration. The best is that it is based on the appreciation of people who are professional and competent in the field of influencer marketing and whose mission is to promote the brand's content in their environment.  
This type of marketing is often combined with social media marketing and content marketing, which usually merge into influencer globes.

The benefits of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has several advantages. It creates a better reputation between the influencers and the brand, while increasing sales. For the tourism and hospitality industry, influencer marketing allows them to make their services and products more visible by letting customers know that they have good accommodations and quality food and drinks.  
They also stimulate customer engagement to get feedback and impressions. 
To excite customers and convince influencers, it is important to have a good influencer technique. Hence, influencer marketing.