What to know about using a printer ?

In businesses, structures and even in homes, you can at least see the existence of a printer.  Existing in various models or brands, it is for this purpose a very essential computer tool.  Through this article, we invite you to discover more about this instrument, especially its usefulness and its many advantages.

 What is a printer ?

A printer is a computer peripheral used to print text or graphics on paper.  In other words, it is a device that facilitates a perfect change of the information medium.  Please feel free to browse around this web-site for more details.  For example, text can be typed on software.  That is to say, its processing source is Word, PowerPoint or Photoshop software to finally be printable on paper.  Following this, remember that there are several types.  These are the daisy-chain printer, the dot-matrix printer also known as the needle printer, the inkjet and finally the laser.

Also, depending on the type, it may have a print resolution of 4800 x 600 as a characteristic. Similarly, the print speed, which is a characteristic, allows types to be specified.  The same goes for color, warm-up time, interface, paper size and finally ink cartridges.

 What is the function, role, and advantage of a laser type printer ?

Laser is a type of printer that does xerographic prints only.  It allows high quality reproductions to be made.  Unlike dot-matrix printers, laser printers are faster by printing approximately four pages per minute.  In addition, it works with a toner, that is, with a black powder.  What is obviously the opposite for other types where the ink is a liquid.  So you have to deduce that when you needed ink for a laser printer, you had to take toner instead of getting ink cartridges.