Which stand exhibition model to choose ?

For your marketing communication operations, choosing the right stand is essential. Manufactured near Paris, all umbrella stands, modular and modular stands are easy to transport, assemble and install. Discover in this article, some exhibition stand models allowing you to make your trade show or event a success.

The fabric pop-up stand : the safe bet

A fabric umbrella stand with its foldable structure is the essential element of any trade show. Also called a textile pop-up stand, it is easy to assemble, with just one person and without tools. Ultra portable, it will follow you everywhere, including on public transport. Visit https://www.standexpo.org/ to find out more. The best-selling model is the 3x3 umbrella stand with its 3 modules high and 3 modules wide. Display model to choose from the Xtension, Xpression and Argyle ranges for a design and original stand. The assembly is done independently and without tools to be ready to exhibit quickly. The fireproof M1 standard fabric remains in place on the foldable aluminum structure. Once folded up in its transport bag or container counter depending on the model, it takes up very little space, which makes it a practical and functional support even in a showroom.

The modular stand : adaptability and modularity

The modular and adjustable stands are easy to transport which, once installed, will give you all the visibility you need by highlighting the brand image of your company to visitors. Robust, but light thanks to their aluminum structure, they fold and unfold easily without loss of quality during multiple uses. Which is not always the case with a cheap stand. The fact that it is reusable and a real economic advantage, so you have a stand that reflects your image while controlling your costs. From 9 m2 to 36 m2, there are several layout options : with or without reserve, with an arch, furniture. All the comfort is there. Then choose the right location to maximize your visibility and the return on investment of your participation in an event.

The nomadic stand : mobile and easy to transport

Portable is the turnkey mobile communication solution that allows you to quickly set up a space to exhibit and present your brand and services and even a product such as a car on this smart stand. It also allows you to easily create a private space during a short-term event. Light and easy to assemble, it comes in several shapes and is complete with a kakemono and accessories and furniture such as a counter, a table and chairs and adequate signage. Apart from these stands, there is also the practical and complete stand pack. The stand pack is the complete stand with roll up and folding counter, perfect for quickly exhibiting at all trade shows and fairs.