Why choose Timelapse cameras?

Timelapse is a photography technique that allows the animation of several photos to make a video. With the evolution of technology, this is a feature available on cameras or phones. Why choose timelapse cameras? We talk about it in this article.

What are the advantages of timelapse cameras?

Timelapse cameras are very popular nowadays thanks to their many advantages. It is a long-range camera with solar charging capacity. It is ideal for photo shoots at different intervals and for long durations. You can discover this equipment on Enlaps. Its resolution makes it possible to capture unique moments such as a sunset and evolutionary moments of nature. Similarly, this camera is resistant to bad weather, that is, weather conditions. She can film, no matter what the weather is outside. Finally, it allows access to images captured from a web application. This makes it possible to secure the location of these images and access them at any time, and regardless of your geographical location.

What are the limitations of timelapse cameras?

Timelapse cameras have limitations despite their many advantages. These are equipped with small sensors comparable to those of smartphones. The image quality is therefore lower because of its small sensors. Nevertheless, they are ideal for managing noise in the dark. These camera models are designed just to capture the evolution of an event and duration over time. They do not allow you to modify or optimize the images taken. However, there are interchangeable sensor cameras in order to improve the resolution of the image or make personal changes. But the latter are not at sight attractive or easy to handle unlike smartphones that have all their functions integrated. These smartphones in one turn manage to adapt the quality of the image according to your desire and are easy to adjust unlike these cameras.